Sonarc Art Installation

Sonarc by Brian Brush

Illuminating Downtown Raleigh

Standing behing the new Sonarc art installation, you can see the famed Raleig acorn in front of the Meymandi Concert Hall

We're proud to present the Sonarc art installation by the New York artist Brian Brush. This beautiful piece is made of 1,000 plexiglass tubes and 600 LED lights. These are hung in a semicircle frame that are to represent our open arms as we welcome guests to our beautiful venue.

As night falls in Downtown Raleigh, these tubes will illuminate the path from the famed Acorn to the entrance of our building. While the lighting alone is spectacular, the artist has designed this piece for community interaction as well.

Guests have the ability to customize the color display with their voice. Visitors can sing into a microphone, placed at the end closest to our venue, which will analyze their vocal frequency and change the lighting spectrum of the entire piece.

We were thrilled to work alongside the Raleigh Arts office, Summit Hospitality Group and Brush to bring his work to life. 

Sonarc is located on the west end of the Martin Marietta Center for the Performing Arts, directly in front of Meymandi Concert Hall.